Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation management (ORM) aka Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is used to build reputation of your web site / company. To have a cleaner image online nowadays, one must have a SERM campaign going if the business going through tough competition from local or global. Some times your competitors post fake comments at different boards, forums, blogs to hamper your company's image. You might have not thought about this before but it's essential for almost every web site provide service online or offline. You might have invested lots of money and precious time to build a brand but it'll take just few bad comments from a blogger (either real customer of your site or a blogger employed by your competitors) in different media to harm your company's reputation. Suddenly you may see your sales volume has decreased more than 50% over a month.

Online reputation management service has a great role to play to help you increase your brand presence. You might have invested lots of bucks for TV commercial, newspaper advertisements, online search engine advertisement but all can be gone if you fail to listen and respond to your client's expectation and feedback from your company. There is no better way than online presence nowadays. Almost everyone blog and if they are pleased with your service/product they'll post their experience somewhere it's certain. But people always go with a negative comments. There is a strange psychology always going though buyer's mind. If a site has 5 praised comment and 1 negative comment then also the buyer tend to skip your service.

Online reputation management service provided by company in bangalore


Clearance of Negative Search Results

Our main Reputation Management Service is the displacement of first page unfavorable search results with favorable and neutral Reputation Content. To deliver a successful Reputation Management Service we provide the following complementary Reputation Management services.

Think of these as Reputation Management oriented smaller sites, each one related to a specific keyword or subject of your main site. The Reputation Management strategy here is to complement search results with these keyword associated micro-sites.

Social Networks:
Your company does not have a social media yet? MySpace and Facebook profiles supported with a solid Reputation Management strategy can rank well for your company name.

RSS feeds:
Press Releases and content refreshing articles can provide important links for Reputation Management in the first result pages.

Business Profile linking:
In Reputation Management service it is not the number of links, but the quality of the sites where your links are. Obtaining links to your pages in relevant linking sites is a must for Reputation Management.

Reputation Management supported Blogs rank well in search engines.

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