One-Time Search Engine Optimization and Internet Promotion Analysis

One time , this service is extensive, critical, and absolutely necessary if you want to move up the search engines. If we don't do it, please have someone do all of the below services so that your site can take full advantage of it's potential. We do everything mentioned in our Search Engine Optimization page, plus a few other things since you probably have an existing site, which we didn't design. Because this service is so comprehensive, I will only briefly cover the details here. For more detailed information you can contact us and one of our representatives will help answer your questions. .

All search engines evaluate the pages from a website for relevance of content. This, of course, is the basis for evaluating which sites rank higher for the targeted search term. In a perfect world for the search engines, the choice should be easy. However, what is a search to do if presented with the case of 10,000 perfectly optimized pages for the entered search term? Good question what do you say?

For existing websites we have to start at square one, just like if we were designing a new website. What is square one? Good question. The first step in search engine optimization is to understand what you are optimizing for. For example: are your potential customers seeking information about a product and then they come to your retail store or office, or are they planning on actually buying online? Is your website set up ( code layout ) in order to allow search engines to properly index the site? Are the search terms people would use to find your site in your meta tags, heading tags, and page content? Do you know what the most searched terms are? 

This package looks at your site from the top down - and we'll make the changes to your site for you, so you don't have to. Here are some of the specific items we will look at and fix for you:

One time seo

* Meta Title Tag
* Heading Tag (H1)
* Form Names
* Alt Flash Text
* Meta Keyword Tag
* Sub Heading Tag (H2)
* Alt Frame Text
* Compile HTML
Meta Description Tag
* Sub-Sub Heading Tag (H3)
* Style using CSS ($**)
* Robots File
* Webpage Name
* Alt Picture Text
* Keyword Research
* Site Map
* Proper Page Linking
* Frame Names
* HTML Verification
* Error Removal

On top of all the above, we'll create Google and Alexa Site Maps and submit them for you. We'll also submit your site manually to DMOZ. Then, if you sell products or services online, we'll help you with creating a Google Base list so people can easily find your product or service. 

Internet Promotion is the final thing we look at. We have experience with nearly every conceivable internet marketing tool available and we'll take a look at your product/service and determine a good path for you to follow. Internet Promotion varies greatly in both how it's done, and the cost of doing it. We'll explain all the nuts and bolts of it so that you can make an educated decision on how to move forward. We'll even give you a spreadsheet showing the cost of advertising your keywords across the major marketing sites.

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