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Link Building Campaigns, the other half of the equation. The perfect mate to a perfectly optimized page is a well-structured link building campaign.

All search engines evaluate the pages from a website for relevance of content. This, of course, is the basis for evaluating which sites rank higher for the targeted search term. In a perfect world for the search engines, the choice should be easy. However, what is a search to do if presented with the case of 10,000 perfectly optimized pages for the entered search term? Good question what do you say?

To gain popularity for your site, we use content to produce articles. Now, we can either take your existing written content or we can create written content for you. Next, we submit this written content to article directories, blogs, directories and forums, touting the authority of your site for the targeted keyword. This generates a lot of inbound links, and therefore, popularity for your website in the search engines. Most importantly, this link generation creates buzz for your website and therefore you will begin to receive more traffic.

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